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Employee assessment company seeks to educate local managers about best hiring practices Waco, TX (September 13th, 2016) – Talexes, a leading employee assessment company, is pleased to announce the continuation of their seminar Hire the Best – Skip the Rest. This educational seminar is intended to help organizations streamline and optimize their hiring process utilizing the Talexes Innovative Hiring System. The event will be held at the Waco Chamber of Commerce, and will attract a number of professionals from around the Waco area. Talexes hopes to continue its mission to educate organizations and their hiring managers with the use of

The minimum cost of a new hire is approximately $50,000. In a study done by Bamboo HR with over a thousand people, 31 percent 0f respondents had quit a job within six months of starting it. And a “steady stream of employees left from the first week all the way up to the third month.” That’s why a well thought-out onboarding checklist is a necessity for reducing turnover and the cost of new hires.

Employee engagement surveys are used by 92 percent of companies. This is to be expected, considering 80 percent of senior leaders rank employee engagement as a critical part of achieving business objectives. The traditional employee engagement survey looked for measurements of happiness and contentment in employees’ roles with questions like, “Do you feel you’ve received enough recognition?” But with new generations joining the workforce it’s time for a more updated employee engagement survey.

In 2014, employee development was listed as a top priority more than any other area by the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Great Places to Work. This makes sense, considering on-the-job employee development accounts for up to 75 percent of effective learning. Take a look at these 14 methods for employee development so your organization is effectively nurturing your biggest effective learning tactic.

According to IDC, U.S. and U.K. employees cost businesses approximately $37 billion each year due to a lack of understanding of their roles and requirements. Not only does employee onboarding reduce on-the-job learning costs, it also saves time on training, as well as increases morale and turnover. Remember these rules to work by for the optimal employee onboarding experience.