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Talexes enables you to build effective, motivated teams that move your organization forward. Find out how our solutions help you improve performance at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Employee Assessments

Employee Assessments

With Talassure Assessments, you can unlock intelligence that impacts how you select and manage employees. Discover how Talassure brings clarity and precision to your processes for hiring, onboarding, development, and more.


Stay on the forefront of the dynamic talent management industry. Our blog offers insights for HR professionals, business consultants, and entrepreneurs who strive to build a high performing workforce.

Talent + Assurance = Talassure

With more than 40 years of helping companies hire the best talent, the Talassure suite of employee assessments provide accurate concise information about a candidate’s reasoning ability, personality and interests.
Our next generation assessments empower organizations to select the right people for the right job. Our custom Job Matching technology compares candidates to roles based on job-specific traits most important to the role.

Talassure mobile solutions bring action-ready intelligence to all aspects of your selection and onboarding processes. Talassure assessments help you gather insights and guidance to accelerate the hiring process.

Our Employee assessments were developed by a team of leading psychometricians with decades of research including Generation Z to Baby Boomers -making it the most up-to-date validation study on employee assessments in the industry.

Better Information - Better Outcomes

Talassure assessments help you figure it out fast with accurate information and simple to use, concise reporting.


Improve Quality of Hire


Leverage Talent Strengths


Increase Sales Revenue


Reduce Time to Hire

Our Customers

Customer Success

Ed Spruck

“Talexes is highly skilled at understanding talent assessments and leveraging technology-based tools to assist companies to achieve better outcomes in hiring and promotion decisions. They were great to work with and made the process easy for us. I recently previewed the Talexes assessment and found it to be remarkably accurate. If you’re considering an assessment tool, I’d recommend a conversation with Talexes.”

– CHRO  InflexHR

William Wardlaw

“I couldn’t stand the idea of implementing assessments when they were first introduced but the TalassureMX has proven “priceless” in understanding our team members, hiring for critical new roles, and restructuring the organization. I am extremely impressed by their accuracy.”

– Managing Member, Wardlaw Claims

Frank Amici

“The TalassureMX has provided me and my team with very insightful information. It adds an objective viewpoint so we can benchmark what success looks like in our company, then use a data-based approach to assess talent. This ensures that we set people up to succeed within our organization by understanding job fit, manager fit, team fit, and culture fit.”

Director of Human Resources, Garafalo Markets

Tom Reese

“The TalassureMX assessment has been a great experience for me as a sales leader and my team (inside and outside sales)! The actionable information that is provided via the management report contributes to my commitment to be an improving sales manager. This process translates into better communication and performance management that is two-sided, my commitment to each person and each person’s commitment to the development plan. This information has converted my traditional visual approach to more of a data-based approach to sales management. I recommend the TalassureMX assessment without reservation to any organization that is interested in improving their selection, management, and development processes.”

–Sales Manager, Lite and Barricade

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