Poor Team Building


Create high-functioning teams to accomplish company goals.

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

We’ve all heard it before. Teams are able to combine the best ideas from each member, and incorporate every unique thought process that meeting brings to the table. Because of this dynamism, teams are able to produce results that would have been next to impossible for each individual. But unfortunately – and as many of us know – it also brings each member’s idiosyncrasies to the forefront. Building a high-functioning team requires not only intuition, but knowledge about the personal characteristics of each member that affect their relations with other members of the team. This level of detail requires a new approach to team building.

It’s all about fit.

When an employee applies for a position, you assess their job fit before bringing them on to determine whether they would be the best candidate. In a similar fashion, you should be assessing each team member’s fit within the group before assembling it. For example, you would not assemble a team in which half of the members value collaboration and the other half avoid it. Or, if you knew that the majority of the team values the ability to work without direct supervision, you would not assign a leader with the tendency to micromanage. Knowing these nuanced personality characteristics will help you develop a team with the right mix of distinctions and similarities to not only get the job done, but to do it at the highest possible level.

Ensuring quality teams one assessment at a time.

Here at Talexes, we recognize the value in creating effective teams. That’s why we’ve integrated a team compatibility function into our employee assessments. First, you evaluate each member of the team individually. Then, our software creates a report detailing the similarities and differences between each member, highlighting the characteristics of your appointed leader. By evaluating each member on an individual basis, then compiling that data into a team-focused report, you can determine with data how your team will interact, and predict points of conflict before they ever happen. Knowing how the qualities of each member of your team will affect the others will give you an edge when formulating the teams you’re trusting to drive results. Let Talassure assessment data show you how to create an effective, efficient team every single time.