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Help Management Lead.

Engaging the mid-level employees can engage your entire organization.

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Mid-level managers have it tough.

It’s not easy being a mid-level manager. In addition to organizing and staffing, they’re tasked with setting timetables, allocating resources, and taking action to solve serious problems.

If they’re unable to do their jobs effectively, entire teams can suffer – and so can your entire organization. The stakes are high, but many middle managers are either disengaged from work or lack the support they need to be effective.


Take full advantage of your managers’ talents.

Your mid-level managers got where they are through hard work, experience, and dedication to your mission. They know what it takes to make your organization successful. You just have to leverage and cultivate their strengths.

Development seminars, training programs, collaboration with leadership – there are various ways to engage the middle tier, but how can you know what works best for each specific manager?


Use assessment data to inform mid-level development.

Talexes delivers an effective solution for developing your mid-level managers. Our Talassure workforce assessments can give you:

  • Valuable insights about the mid-level experience: What prevents your managers from leading their teams effectively? The answers are in the data, and insights from our assessments can help you initiate change.
  • Tools for selecting new managers: By identifying specific behavioral traits that you need at the management level, you’ll be in a better position to choose the managers of tomorrow.
  • Opportunities to develop existing managers: Not only do you want to retain high-performing managers – you want to help them advance to the next level. Assessment data can reveal new opportunities to help managers transition to leadership roles.
  • Smarter talent development investments: Instead of spending money on ineffective development initiatives, you can identify ones that will work and make better use of your resources.

Identifying new managers and developing current ones is vital to the success of your organization.

Every team needs a motivated leader, and Talassure Assessments can show you how to turn your managers into leaders who make a difference.

It’s time for your organization to optimize the development of your middle management. Contact Talexes today to learn more about how our workforce assessments can help!

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