Talent Challenges

Talent Management presents a host of challenges.

We’ve all hired someone who hasn’t worked out, or encountered conflict when an employee wasn’t trained properly, or lost someone imperative to the team. Although often singular, these incidents cause friction in the day-to-day. Talent management is critical to every level of your business, and a poor talent management strategy can cripple your forward progress. Effects of poor talent management include:

  • Fewer or lower-quality candidates
  • Employees without requisite skills
  • Bored, unhappy or underestimated workforce
  • Unreliable backup planning
  • High turnover

These obstacles can weigh any company down, and demand a talent management strategy for each individual member of the talent management family.

Your future success depends on current procedures.

Your talent management strategy should be developed with the employee in mind. Shake the notion that all that matters is the “here and now.” Focusing on the development of your employees’ skills and knowledge will result in a higher-level, more loyal workforce, which will in turn raise your current bottom line. But prioritizing your employees’ future requires constant re-evaluation and care to follow procedures. The unique suite of Talexes talent management solutions can help you develop and implement a winning talent management strategy that adds value to your employees, and in turn your company.

Filling your ranks with top performers takes diligence.

Without a talent management strategy, your company will be stuck running in circles, repeating the same mistakes. TalexesSM TalassureTM  assessments can help you perfect your selection process, create an impactful onboarding process, bolster staff development plans, develop a succession plan, and reduce overall employee turnover. With employee assessment technology, you can gain the insight you need to master your talent management process.

Poor Selection Process

Stop wasting time on poor prospects. With Talexes employee assessments, you can gain valuable insight into your candidates before ever making a hiring decision, helping you to refine your selection criteria and pinpoint the highest potential. With Talassure assessment technology, you can select the very best.

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Help With Onboarding

Give your employees a foundation for success. An extensive and meaningful employee onboarding process can be the difference between an ordinary employee and a top performer. Using Talassure assessment technology, you can help your employees adjust to the company culture, and be prepared for the requirements and parameters of the position. Let Talexes show you how to prepare your candidates for long-lasting success.

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Need Staff Development Plan

Invest in your future. Developing the skills and knowledge of your talent will not only create a more diverse and highly-skilled workforce, it will initiate a relationship of mutual gain between your company and the employee. Use Talexes workforce analytics to ascertain the areas for potential development in your employees.

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Lack of a Succession Plan

Prepare for the inevitable. Without an understanding of your bench strength, you’ll be caught unprepared when a valuable staff member leaves. Talexes Talassure assessments can help you understand where current talent can fill the gaps left by high-level turnover. Solidify your succession plan with Talexes.

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High Employee Turnover Rate

Don’t waste your most valuable resource. A poor talent management process can lead to crippling turnover. Talassure assessment data can help you understand your employees in a way that improves performance on every level, engaging and motivating them along the way. Let Talexes Talassure assessments put a wedge in your revolving door.

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