Pre-Employment Assessments


Know you’re making the right decision every time.

The Vicious Cycle

Think about the last person you hired that didn’t work out.

Now, think of the things you’re currently doing to make sure you don’t hire another person like that. If you’re anything like the majority of companies, you’ll keep an eye out for qualities in future applicants that remind you of the poor hire. But what happens when you hire someone completely different, and they still don’t work out? Now you have a basis for which to screen applicants, avoiding those like the previous two. This cyclical trial-and-error guessing game leaves you with a bounty of knowledge about the qualities you don’t want in a new hire, without giving you any insight as to what you DO want.

Know what they need to succeed.

When you have a clear understanding of the ideal candidate for a position, you can quickly and objectively screen applicants against those parameters. Effectively isolating the candidates who are most likely to succeed eliminates the guesswork of traditional hiring methods. But short of interviewing each candidate for hours at a time, how can you hope to learn enough about them to be able to comfortably assess their viability for a given position without relying on gut instinct or extrapolation?

Knowledge is confidence.

Talexes Talassure pre-employment assessments give you the knowledge you need to make the right hiring decision every single time. By evaluating a candidate’s personality and reasoning ability, and comparing those values to proven benchmarks for success in the position, Talassure employee assessment data can help you determine the compatibility of any given applicant on the deepest level. When you know what qualities are needed to succeed, and know how any given candidate matches those qualities, you can be sure that every decision you make is backed by data as well as intuition. When you have all the information you need to know how a candidate will perform before you hire them, you can be sure the decision you are making is the right one. Give clarity and confidence to your hiring process with Talexes.