Poor Sales Performance


Make sure your sales force is performing at maximum capacity

Your sales department drives your revenue.

Your sales force is at the forefront of the effort to drive results. A highly-effective sales team will not only be able to secure current clients and their revenue, they will be able to drive new business. Without an effective sales force, you may find yourself thin on sales people, unexpectedly unable to close potential opportunities, losing strategic accounts, and more. Determining the potential of your sales team may mean the difference between surviving and thriving and learn to reverse Poor Sales Performance.

You can’t afford to guess.

There are certain essential characteristics a salesperson should exhibit. For example, he or she should want to interact with people, but not so much as to talk their way out of a sale. They should be competitive, but not so much as to try to one-up the client. Knowing where a given salesperson lies on the spectrum of required behaviors can help you pinpoint areas of improvement, as well as determining who is capable of handling certain accounts. Hoping your sales people will be able to pull in profits isn’t enough. You have to be able to trust them to drive dependable results. It’s too important a job to play the guessing game with, so be certain that the people you’re trusting with the task can live up to your expectations.

Certainty adds stability.

Talassure employee assessments come with the integrated option to assess for sales potential. We map specific personality qualities to determine how a given employee’s behavior compares to a pre-made pattern for a successful salesperson, or to a benchmark customized to your organization. By comparing a candidate’s qualities to those known for success, we can accurately determine the sales potential of a given employee, as well as provide employee coaching and management suggestions for areas in which he or she falls outside of the pattern. You can also use our sales assessment as a selection tool to ensure that you bring on only the most compatible candidates. With Talexes, you can build and maintain a sales team that consistently drives exceptional results.