Poor Selection Process


An airtight employee selection process saves you more than just time and money.

You lose more than just time and money when a poor hire doesn’t perform.

An employee selection process often involves a lot of trial and error. We hire, then whether because they didn’t have the requisite skills, weren’t motivated, conflicted with coworkers, or any number of other things, they turn over. We then hire someone else, avoiding candidates like the previous. But every single poor hire has an impact on your business. When they under-perform, they waste time on the clock and produce less, costing your company time and money. Poor hires cost you customers, as well as morale, credibility, quality, and much more. And when they turn over, you’re required to spend effort and resources finding a replacement that will be selected using the same ineffective process, creating a vicious cycle that can leave many companies feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

A successful hiring process creates a more effective workforce.

When you consistently select candidates who are compatible with the position at the deepest level, you mitigate the common problems associated with poor job fit. Talexes employee assessments can provide you with the necessary information about a candidate’s personality and reasoning ability before you make the decision to bring them on. With this knowledge you can fill your ranks with employees whose qualities and skills fit the job intrinsically, eliminating the pressures of a workforce that has to stretch to accommodate their requirements.

Select the best candidate the first time.

By incorporating pre-employment assessments into your selection process, you can avoid the tendency to try to gain a complete understanding of a candidate during the limited time pre-hire. With knowledge of a candidate’s pertinent strengths before the interaction, you can focus on addressing potential areas of concern – rather than discovering them after he or she has already been hired. Talassure assessments can give your selection process clarity, in turn reducing turnover and workforce conflict.

Need Pre-Employment Testing

Stop wasting time on poor prospects. With Talexes employee assessments, you can gain valuable insight into your candidates before ever making a hiring decision, helping you to refine your selection criteria and pinpoint the highest potential. With Talassure assessment technology, you can select the very best.

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Poor Interview Process

Stop wasting your time. Talassure employee assessments can provide you with insight into your candidate’s qualities so that you don’t have to devote precious time during the interview trying to glean this information from them. Talexes assessments can help you remain unbiased, objective and fair during your hiring process. Let Talexes show you how you can perfect your interviews.

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Help with Talent Acquisition

Find and hire only the best. Talexes workforce analytics can help you understand the intrinsic requirements for a position, and compare candidates to those qualifications. When someone matches the needs of a position naturally, they are more prone to become successful. Let Talassure employee assessments help you pinpoint your future top performers.

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Talent Crisis

Don’t let the workforce crisis cripple your business. In the midst of a global talent crisis, Talexes can help you engage and retain your top performers by understanding them on the deepest level, helping them mitigate conflict and reach personal goals. Let Talexes show you how you can beat the talent crisis and create an engaged workforce that remains loyal to your brand.

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Bad Hiring Decisions

Make every new hire count. Bad hiring decisions affect your company at every level. With Talexes employee assessment data, you can see red flags and understand points of conflict before you ever make the decision to bring a candidate on. Use Talassure assessments to make the best possible hiring decision each and every time.

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