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Retaining Top Performers Talexes Solutions

Retaining top performers is difficult.

Your most motivated, high-achieving employees aren’t just valued by team members at your organization – they’re in high demand elsewhere. That’s why retaining top performers is so difficult. Other organizations want them as badly as you do, so it’s imperative that you keep them engaged and loyal to your mission and brand.


The real cost of losing your greatest talent

Conducting interviews, training a new hire, and waiting for someone to reach peak performance are just the short-term costs of losing a top performer. The loss often lowers morale among team members, which can lead to long-term performance deficiencies.

Losing your top performers is extremely costly, and Talassure Assessments help you avoid the expense.

Calculate the Cost of Employee Turnover

Empowerment leads to retention.

Our assessments deliver valuable information about your top performers’ aspirations, professional goals, and sources of motivation. You can use that data to:

  • Invest in your best people: When you know what drives top performers, you can create incentives and development opportunities that give them a reason to stay with your organization.
  • Understand why they leave: Discover whether conflicts, cultural mismatches, or other factors are causing your top performers to leave. Assessment insights can show you how to make your workplace conducive to higher retention.
  • Hire top talent from the start: Insights from top performers can help you tailor your hiring process to attract and identify more of them.

Don’t lose your best people.

You can keep top performers engaged by identifying what inspires them, what causes them to leave, and what you can do to nurture their talents. You’ll be one step closer to retaining the people who make your organization great.

Talassure Assessments are a critical tool for holding on to your top performers. Contact us today to improve retention and maximize the potential of your talent!

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