Frontline Employee Development

Frontline employees are the face of your brand.

Inspire yours to deliver a superb experience.

talexis frontline development solutions

Your service experience speaks volumes about your brand.

We don’t have to explain what we mean by “poor service experiences.” You know what they’re like because you’ve had them yourself. And when it comes to your own organization, you want to avoid poor service at all costs.

Frontline employees – the people who answer the phones, respond to inquiries, or work the counters – can make or break the service experience for your customers.


Every interaction has an impact.

From your selection of an employee to the quality of his or her training, every interaction you have with a frontline employee can impact how customers perceive your brand.

To avoid a disaster on your front line, you’ve got to hire the people whose behavioral traits indicate a high likelihood of success. You’ve got to use data to make hiring and development decisions for frontline employees.

Assessment data lends clarity to frontline hiring and development.

Using Talassure Assessments to select and manage frontline employees can help you:

  • Provide better service: Pre-hiring data enables you to screen candidates before they take up residence on your front line. You’ll develop a better idea of who will perform at their highest level – and who won’t.
  • Embody your brand values: All it takes is one bad experience to turn someone away from your brand. By selecting frontline employees who understand and personify your brand, you can send a positive message about your organization.
  • Implement smarter frontline employee development: Assessments aren’t just valuable for hiring decisions. They also help you identify and mitigate issues that prevent employees from performing at their best.

What’s stopping you from empowering your front line to achieve peak performance?

If you’re not selecting the right people and showing them exactly what it takes to succeed, Talassure Assessments can show you how.