White Papers

Our white papers cover an array of topics based on our extensive experience in talent management solutions. Get immediate access to these complimentary reports today.

The 360° Feedback Differentiator: A Comparative Analysis of Traditional 360° Feedback Systems to Contemporary Methods

In this brief overview of the 360° Feedback system, we’ll discover the origins of the 360 process, it’s evolution over the course of the last 100 years, the common shortcomings of 360° Feedback, and the current market’s answer to these challenges. Learn More.


Asking the Right Questions: A Brief Analysis of The Interview

It can be difficult to garner the correct information from a candidate using traditional interview methods, and asking for answers that can be attained from a resume or application wastes time without determining whether the candidate would be capable of the position. There are several important factors to take into consideration when hiring anyone, but they can all be reduced to three aspects. Learn more.


What Are You Doing to Prepare for the Minimum Wage Increase?

The very words conjure images of political debates and seas of protesters. It seems that for every passionate proponent, there’s an equally adamant opponent. With the profusion of contradictory information on potential economic effects, it can be hard to tell where your business lies on the spectrum. Learn more.