No Succession Plan


Discover who will compose tomorrow’s leadership team.

You future is determined now.

We insure ourselves against fire, flood, and accident. But who will replace your company’s leaders if they quit, fall ill or have to be fired? If your organization doesn’t have an answer at this very moment, it is like a driver with no insurance. You must be both able to recognize a current successor, and be engaged in the employee development process for future leaders according to a pre-conceived plan. Having a short- and long-term succession plan is absolutely critical to your company’s future.

Don’t wait for an emergency.

By planning for staff members years into the future, you extend the scope of your business into that future. Creating a lasting talent pipeline will help you develop your prospects into the ideal replacement for a given position. In addition, understanding your current bench strength provides you with a pool of potential successors in the event of an emergency. Talexes employee assessment data can both help you design a plan for developing your high-potentials into leaders, and understand the expediency of current leaders without being driven by the pressure of an emergency situation.

Think big picture.

When you evaluate your workforce for high-potentials, and then compare those hi-po’s to a profile of your ideal candidate, you can select a pool of potential successors. Talassure assessment technology can help you determine what qualities are critical to the new role, and whose of your current workforce align with those qualities.Once you’ve found your prospects, we can help you invest in their development. Talassure assessments can even help you create a customized coaching plan. Team up with Talexes to shift the focus of your business forward, and create a lasting formula for the future of your company’s leadership.

Talent Pipeline Crisis

Business culture has changed. Most mid-sized companies don’t invest in long-term succession planning anymore. Talexes can show you how to create a talent pipeline, developing leadership potential around the challenges of a more significant role, and eventually funneling them into those roles. Use Talassure assessment data to help you select your candidates, and determine how to invest your developmental efforts in order to maximize their leadership potential.

Lack of Bench Strength

Know what cards you’ve been dealt. Unpredictable things happen, and sometimes a vital staff member must be replaced on short notice. Talexes can help you understand the potential in your current ranks, and select a pool of qualified replacements for your current staff in case of an emergency. Let Talassure assessments help you develop a short-term succession plan.

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