Lack of Bench Strength


Make sure to prepare yourself in the event of high-level turnover.

What will you do when your leaders leave?

Inevitably, your leaders will not always be with your company. Ideally, you will have ample notice and can put a plan in place for the future. However, as many of us have found out the hard way, leaders don’t always give ample notice when they leave. When you’re suddenly left with a high-level vacancy and no way to fill it, the future of your company seems uncertain. Prevent the uncertainty by developing  bench strength of qualified successors that are ready and able to take over at the beckoning call.

It takes more than experience.

When you think of what makes your current leaders great, you’re more than likely thinking about more than their experience. Often, we take into account things such as the ability to motivate subordinates and peers, propensity for conflict mitigation, ability to create and achieve goals, and more. This goes beyond the scope of skillset, and lives in the land of personal qualities. Because of this, we should ensure that the people we’ve selected to inhabit the bench are chosen not only because of experience, but personal compatibility.

Find your succession dream team.

You already know who has the experience to fill each role. Talexes employee assessment data can help you determine who of those candidates has the personal makeup to succeed. By assessing for several integral personality characteristics, then comparing that data to current, successful leaders, you can select the ideal candidate from your pool of experience. When you know someone not only knows the ropes, but has the qualities to thrive within the new role, you end the guessing game and develop organizational bench strength that can fill even the most demanding leadership vacancies. Let Talassure assessments develop a safety net of the highest quality, and ensure the future success of your organization.