Poor Job Fit


Make sure you’re selecting employees for more than just skills.

Job Fit Is Everything

Job fit is everything.

Whether you’re trying to decide who to hire, promote, develop, or coach, job fit is the most critical component to the employment experience. Hiring or promoting someone with a poor job fit will result in low productivity and weak morale. Similarly, trying to develop or coach an employee who is not compatible with the position will only lead to frustration, and can even lead to employee turnover. Your workforce is the lifeblood of your organization, so ensuring that it is filled with highly-compatible, highly-productive employees is vital to your organization’s overall health.

Personality Plays the Biggest Part

Personality plays the biggest part in job fit.

Certain roles come with certain responsibilities, and require certain qualities and traits to be able to excel. For example, you would not move a customer service representative to an IT position. Not only because that employee will not have the required skills to perform the tasks required of IT personnel, but because that employee will want to interact with others, and will not enjoy the solitude required of a computer technician. This is what we are referring to when we speak of poor job fit. The expression of a person’s personality plays a vital role in their compatibility for a position. Someone who enjoys contact with others would do well in service position. Someone with the ability to sort through information quickly and efficiently would not enjoy rote, repetitive work. In this way, you must ensure that you are selecting for the right qualities, as well as the right experience.


Empower your employee selection process.

Talexes employee assessment data gives you access to the information about a candidate’s personality that is imperative to the hiring process. By understanding the personal factors that drive a candidate’s behavior, and then comparing those factors to the required personal traits for success, you can ensure that every prospect you hire will not only have the skills you need, but will be compatible with the necessary personal qualities that the position requires. With Talexes, you don’t have to hope your new hire will succeed, you can know. Let Talassure assessment data show you who to hire to ensure that every person you hire exemplifies the highest possible job fit.