About Talexes Talent Management Experts

Increase Revenue through Strategic Talent Assessments

Talexes makes it easy for everyone to realize their full potential at work. We partner with organizations to transform how they select and grow talent, to lighten the load on HR.

Businesses are built to create solutions to real problems. People strategy is business strategy. For organizations to create predictable sustainable revenue, they must attract and match people to the right jobs and then collaborate with that talent to innovate and create solutions to achieve the ultimate goals of the business.

The Talassure difference

Talent + Assurance = Talassure. It’s crucial to effectively hire, develop, and promote the best talent for your unique organization. That’s where Talassure workforce assessments help, by predictively informing every stage of the employee lifecycle

Using predictive employment assessments when building a team creates certainty in decision-making and spotlights people for opportunities based on their true unbiased potential. Having the right-fit people on your team is essential, so the more accurate information you have, the more informed and successful your decisions will be.


Real Results for Modern Business

Our clients get to take the guesswork out of talent decisions and experience mission-critical business impact. One agency saw a 349% increase in weekly sales with each replacement of a poor performer by a top performer. A Co-op using Talexes assessments increased their front-end tenure by 324% while significantly improving their employee engagement through better hires. And a global Technology Manufacturer is now able to hire a top performer every one out of three times by leveraging Talexes talent assessments versus their previous one out of fourteen.

Employee happiness and business impact skyrocket because of these successes.


Growth Through Partnerships

We provide solutions through Talexes Alliance Partners, a dedicated network of professional talent management experts.

All of our Partners bring experience from human resources, consulting, or entrepreneurial ventures to the dynamic talent management industry. As a result, they offer valuable perspectives – not to mention valuable tools – that can help you meet your goals for managing and developing your talent.