Employee Selection Tools


Don’t waste your resources on poor performers

Employee selection has a far-reaching impact on your business.

When your employee selection process isn’t consistently producing top performers, you are wasting time, manpower, and finances on an ineffective system. Without a quality employee selection process, you will not be able to avoid the results of poor hiring decisions.

Bad hires cause:
– Productivity Loss
– Lowered Morale
– High Turnover
– Lost Time and On Boarding Costs
– Wasted Training Efforts

All of these factors weigh your business down, and prevent the resources spent on an inefficient employee selection process from being used elsewhere.

We can cure your Bad Hire Blues.

According to a CEB case study, one in five hires is considered by their company to be a “bad hire”. But without quality, useable information at your disposal before choosing a candidate, how can you hope to make the right hiring decision?

With Talexes Talassure employee assessments, you can learn details about your candidate’s qualities before making a hiring decision. Traditional employee selection processes are unable to provide you with this information. Talexes employee assessments help you make an informed decision supported by empirical data.

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Pre-Employment Assessments

Improve your selection process with data backed by science. Talexes’ unique suite of employee assessments bring clarity to your selection process by providing factual data about candidates that you can use to make better hiring decisions.

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Conducting Interviews

Assessment data can bolster your interview process. When you go into an interview with data about a candidate’s personality, you can tailor the interview to accommodate their needs. With Talassure assessments, you can maximize the impact of each interview.

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Talent Acquisition

Use job fit data to maximize your attraction process. With Talexes assessment data, you can improve the quality of your talent acquisition process. Talassure assessments can provide insight about the qualities you should look for in a candidate. When you consistently hire top performers, your business will thrive.

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Attracting and Retaining Millennials

Find and keep the best of the Millennial generation. Millennials compose most of today’s workforce, and their values have changed from previous generations. Talexes assessment data can help you learn what does and doesn’t work for your Millennial employees, and can help you customize your coaching and retaining efforts.

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Hiring Employees

Know your candidate’s job fit before you ever make a hiring decision. Without information about a candidate’s personality and cognitive qualities before making a hiring decision, you play a dangerous guessing game. Using Talexes Talassure assessments, you can gain valuable insight about a candidate before you ever make a hiring decision. Talassure assessment data brings clarity to your hiring process.

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