Talent Crisis


What are you doing to prepare for the coming talent crisis?

Same problem, different reasons

Some say it’s because talent is going to become more difficult to come by. Some say it’s because the talent we have isn’t being utilized the way it should. Some even say it’s the fault of the managers, that it’s not a crisis of the workforce itself. But whatever the reason for the looming talent crisis, it is becoming clear that companies must act now to prepare for the inevitable shift in available talent. What is your company doing to secure the talent it has now, as well as recruiting new talent to secure your future?

One Solution

No matter what the specific reason for this talent crisis may be, putting people in jobs that they naturally match and are prone to enjoy will eliminate the problems facing the average workforce. When every member of your staff is successful and fulfilled in their work, you will begin to see levels of motivation, employee engagement and satisfaction drastically improve. However, in order to do all of this you have to be able to put the right person in the right job every time. With current hiring practices, this is next to impossible, so what can be done to make sure this is accomplished at every hiring decision?

Assess for Success

With the right employment assessment technology at your fingertips, you have all of the information you could possibly need to ensure that your hiring decisions are informed and accurate. Knowing that a candidate’s qualities are similar to the qualities that lead to success in a given position will give you certainty when making any hiring decision, and will bolster the decision with empirical data as opposed to relying solely on intuition. When your workforce is composed of engaged, motivated, fulfilled employees, you will not have to worry about their being qualified, or seeking other opportunities, or leaving due to managerial conflict. In this way, assessment technology shields you from the effects of the impending talent crisis. When you hire right every time, the talent crisis is nothing but a whisper in the wind.