Poor Employee Performance


Have a solution for every cause of poor employee performance.

What makes people love their jobs?

What makes an employee perform well? To answer that question, think of the last person you knew who absolutely loved their job. What made them love it so much? Was it their compensation? Was it the company culture? Were they passionate about the work they were doing?

We at Talexes believe it is all of those things. An employee’s compatibility with company culture, coworkers, and the position itself all derive from one thing – personality. An employee whose personality naturally aligns with the requirements of a position is more prone to be happy. And a happy employee is a productive employee. Understanding a staff member’s job fit will help you understand their talents and interests, and can help you capitalize upon them to foster a consistently engaged, motivated employee.

Employee performance starts with job fit.

An employee whose personality is not compatible with the requirements of the position will never be able to perform well. They will constantly have to stretch to accommodate the job, and will not be able to find satisfaction in what they are doing. Conversely, an employee whose personality matches the parameters of the job will find much less difficulty staying motivated, and will not have to stretch to perform to accepted standards. Knowing an employee’s job fit will help you determine what course of action should be taken in regards to poor performance. With the right tools, you can learn everything you need to know to ensure every employee feels capable and motivated, and is performing at the highest capacity.

Get on their level.

A poorly performing employee with a low job fit could be struggling due to the mismatch between their personal qualities and the position. There is little that can be done to mitigate conflict at this level, as personality cannot be modified. However, an employee who displays a high job fit but is not performing to standards is almost certainly being influenced by external factors such as interpersonal conflict, and can be coached to improve performance. Talexes assessment data gives you the insight you need to determine job fit. By assessing each member of your organization, you can use data to determine job fit, and put strengths to use, develop areas of weakness, and motivate according to ascribed interests. Talassure employee assessments are the key you need to unlock the hidden performance potential within your workforce.