Pre-Employment Assessments

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Talexes Pre Hiring

The hiring paradigm is shifting.

Traditionally, hiring managers relied on resumes, references, and interview poise to screen candidates for important positions. They had no other choice. Without the use of today’s technology to inform their decisions, a subjective evaluation was the best tool available.


Today, things are different.

Organizations are developing behavioral criteria to help them screen candidates, and they’re using sophisticated assessments to identify the best of the best.

In other words, you don’t have to rely exclusively on resumes and interviews. Instead, you can identify behavioral traits that indicate a strong fit between a candidate and their success within a position.

Now you can make a selection based on data, not just intuition.


Talexes Pre-Hiring Solutions can help.

By making Talassure Assessments a fundamental part of your hiring process, you get:

  • An intelligent selection process: Discover which types of candidates perform best in different roles. We can help you establish selection criteria that filter out candidates who aren’t suited for a position.
  • Precision in hiring: Match position responsibilities to behavioral traits that will make a candidate successful. Assessment results can add certainty and accuracy to your hiring decisions.
  • Insights about past performance: Find out where past hiring practices came up short. Focusing on the wrong traits or qualifications when hiring for key positions can create inefficiency and ineffectiveness in a company, and Talexes solutions can help you avoid repeating past mistakes.

Help your organization meet performance goals.

Hiring the right people leads to greater employee engagement, increased productivity, and higher revenue for your organization. If talent is the lifeblood of your company, a sophisticated assessment solution should be the lifeblood of your hiring process.