Need Staff Development Plan


Developing your staff is an investment in your future.

Employees aren’t inventory.

There is nothing more essential to the daily operations of your business than your people. They control every solitary process, from the storefront to the board room, and should be treated with the level of attention that you would give any other vital business element. But when the day-to-day gets in the way, it can be easy to commodify your employees, placing them in the same box you place your inventory. When you start to treat a person like a product, you convey to him or her that you are the recipient of the benefit of their efforts, without providing anything in return.

Invest in your employees, invest in your future.

The hiring of any employee is the initiation of a relationship, and a one-sided relationship between your company and its employees will result in its end (i.e. turnover). As with anyone else, your employees must feel that they gain something from their relationship with your company. Providing things like on-the-job training, opportunities for continued education, and leadership development will evidence a genuine investment in their future. This environment of mutual gain will foster loyal, productive and engaged employees, returning your investment for the entirety of their stay with your company.

Get the most out of your developmental processes.

Talassure employee assessment data can help you understand where to devote developmental efforts. By devoting HR energy to the areas for improvement within the workforce, you can strengthen its overall health from the inside out. Talexes can help you understand where your workforce shines, as well as where it lacks, so you can work to build a stronger foundation for the future of your company.

Need Frontline Employee Development

Maintain your reputation. Your frontline employees are the first to contact your customers, and can tilt their opinion of your business either way. Talexes employee assessment data can help you select and develop your frontline employees to maintain your company’s standing with consumers. Use Talassure assessments to fortify your front line.

Poor Middle Manager Development

Middle managers drive results. Without them, your frontline and upper-level managers cannot communicate. Talexes job fit data can help you understand what it takes to be a superior middle manager, and can help you determine where best to focus your developmental efforts. Talexes can help you create a powerful middle management force.

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Lack of Leadership Development

Employees today are leaders tomorrow. Understand your bench strength so that you can invest in expanding the abilities of your current workforce to eventually assume leadership roles. Talassure assessments can help you determine who should join the leadership ranks, and what to work on to prepare them for those responsibilities. Let Talexes pave the way for your future leaders.

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Poor Team Building

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” We’ve all heard it. And with Talexes, you can learn exactly how to leverage each individual member for the best possible results. By learning how each member thinks, you can mitigate potential conflicts and capitalize on unique strengths. Let Talassure assessments show you how to create an effective, productive team.

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No Employee Coaching

Grow with your employees every step of the way. With an effective employee coaching process, you can help your employees understand their role, and open communication about performance. Talexes employee assessments provide a scientific basis with which to develop an employee coaching process for the individual, creating a space in which your employee – and thus your company – can improve. Let Talassure assessment data show you how to coach your employees to success.

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Poor Employee Performance

Unhappy employees don’t perform. The research is in to prove it. Without understanding what makes your employees tick, you can’t fulfill their internal needs. And an employee whose needs are not fulfilled will inevitably be unhappy. Talexes  employee assessments can provide you with the insight you need to engage and motivate your workforce by understanding their personality on a deeper level. Use Talassure assessment data to improve employee performance at every level.

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Poor Sales Performance

It takes a lot to be a successful salesperson. Talexes knows exactly how much. By comparing the qualities of current and prospective salespeople to qualities proven to correlate to sales success, you can better understand the potential of your sales force, and help any struggling to overcome personal challenges and improve sales performance. Talassure assessment data can help you build a winning sales team.

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