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Talent and Workforce Management Solutions

Hire, develop, engage, and GROW

Now you can optimize the performance of every single member of your organization.

Talexes helps you collect insights and guidance spanning the entire employee lifecycle.

  • Attract and select the best candidates. Our solutions show you ways to garner attention from the types of employees your organization needs. In addition, you’ll gather valuable data about every candidate, better preparing you to make the best hiring decisions.
  • Onboard and develop your talent effectively. From Day One, you can deliver a motivating, empowering workplace experience and pursue ongoing development programs that fit your employees and organizational needs.
  • Engage and retain your greatest talent. Assessment data can show you what matters most to your employees. As a result, you can deliver new incentives and rewards that encourage them to stay within your organization.
  • Identify and grow your best managers into leaders. By separating the best of the best from the rest of the pack, you can ensure the ongoing success of your organization now and into the future.



Improve hiring precision with smart candidate screening. Talexes solutions produce objective data that brings clarity to your pre-hiring process. Using Talexes’ advanced job matching technology you can determine whether an individual is a good fit for a position. You can start hiring employees who thrive.



Engage new hires from their first day on the job. Onboarding is your chance to make a positive first impression and give new employees the resources and motivation they need to succeed. In addition, it helps you reduce employee time-to-performance.



Challenge and inspire your best talent. Transformative coaching creates a motivating environment that has positive impacts across your workforce. You can also discover which coaching methods work best for your team while learning how to tailor coaching to individual employees.


Developing Your Frontline

Deliver a service experience your customers remember. Frontline employees are the face of your brand, and their performance has an enormous impact on your bottom line. By empowering frontline employees, you will boost revenue and bolster brand identity.


Mid-Level Management

Give the middle tier the support it needs. Enabling mid-level managers to hit benchmarks keeps teams engaged across your organization. By discovering what holds your managers back, you can finally unlock the full potential of their talents.


Leadership Development

Discover what your leaders need to realize success. Using assessment data to inform leadership development can help your leaders make the best decisions. By leveraging feedback from professional peers, you can also direct leaders to skills-specific development that meets their needs.


High Potentials

Identify and nurture your high potentials. These professionals are the future of your organization, but you must give them incentives and motivation to stay loyal to your company. By keeping these employees engaged today, you can equip them for bigger roles tomorrow.


Sales Performance Management

Find out how to improve sales performance. Identifying the reasons behind lagging sales figures can be difficult, but assessment data can help. Talexes solutions will reveal where your sales teams are most successful – and why they come up short.


Managing Millennials

Build a work environment that appeals to millennials. At 34% of the nation’s workforce, millennials are set to dominate the professional landscape. Now you can start speaking to a generation that values flexibility, collaboration, and a purposeful work experience.


Succession Planning

Nurture and develop the future of your talent. Smart succession planning starts with motivating and retaining your most experienced people. Ultimately, you want well-prepared, knowledgeable leadership that’s ready to move your organization forward, and valuable assessment data can help you develop it.

retaining top performers solutions talexis

Retaining Top Performers

Give top performers strong incentives to stay. Talexes solutions can show you how to provide a challenging, engaging work environment that encourages retention. As a result, you’ll maintain your top performers. They simply won’t want to take their talents elsewhere.


Team Building

Assemble high-performing teams. Detailed employee assessments identify personality conflicts among team members and reveal compatibility solutions. With team member data at the ready, you will create and support teams that get the best results.


Employee Engagement

Create the ideal work environment. Engaged employees don’t just love coming to work each day – they’re more productive and consistently meet or exceed goals. Now you can uncover opportunities to engage your entire workforce, from the newest frontline hire to your most experienced leaders.


Empower every employee, from entry level to leadership.
Now is the time to extract powerful insights that help you develop your workforce.

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