Job matching for your mid-level workforce

TalassureM Talexes Employee Assessment Tools

Select the best candidates using objective insights

TalassureM is the only assessment in the marketplace that was designed to help you identify, select, onboard, and manage your mid-level workforce. This cost-effective assessment can be administered in a short amount of time while still providing a wealth of in-depth information. Adding TalassureM to your existing process also helps you retain more talent and deliver on your organizational mission.



  • Shows you which candidates are best suited for particular jobs
  • Reveals each candidate’s behavioral traits and reasoning skills
  • Builds upon insights gained during the pre-employment process and enhances employee development activities

TalassureM can be used throughout the entire employee lifecycle, providing reliable, comprehensive, and objective insights into an individual employee’s core behavior and reasoning ability. This critical information can be used to match individuals to specific jobs within your organization.


Your guide for mid-level workforce decisions

TalassureM uses standardized job profiles that simplify the job matching process and serve as your guide for hiring, job placement, and promotion decisions for mid-level employees.

By comparing candidates to a job profile with TalassureM, you can connect the best people with the most appropriate open positions at your organization. Instead of a risky “hire and hope” approach, you can transform hiring and onboarding into a smart, data-based process.

It’s a flexible, comprehensive solution that meets the mid-level employee screening and job matching needs of virtually any industry.


TalassureM Advantage

TalassureM helps you and your organization:

  • Advance your workforce: Employees whose abilities and motivations fit their positions are more likely to achieve peak performance. More productive employees make your organization more successful.
  • Reduce turnover: “Best-fit” employees are less likely to leave. Smart job matching retains great talent.
  • Build effective teams: Comprehensive assessments help you assemble teams with the best likelihood of winning.
  • Increase revenue: Better job matching leads to higher productivity, revenue generation, and profitability.

TalassureM’s behavioral and personality information helps you place the right people in the right jobs.

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