Employee Development Plan


Develop your employees into the leaders of tomorrow.

Are you dragging on employee development?

Many companies fail to invest time or effort into their employees. In many cases, employees are still viewed only as a cost. Without a substantial employee development program, your top performers will seek other avenues to improve their careers, and will leave when a better opportunity arises.

Invest in the future of your company.

Look past the “here and now”. Investing in the skills your employees will need to advance in their career will not only increase the skill set of your workforce, it will inspire loyalty. Loyal employees mean less turnover. Investing in your employees will not only improve their future, it will improve the future of your company.

Employee assessment data can help you form lasting partnerships.

Talexes Talassure employee assessments provide you with a concise description of the personality and cognitive factors that make your employee tick. Using this information, you can develop the areas in which your employees can improve, while helping them finesse the skills they already possess. By providing genuine, meaningful assistance to your employees, you foster an environment of mutual gain. An employee whose company has invested time and effort into their future will in turn invest their skills and knowledge to better serve the company.

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Frontline Employee Development

Invest in the face of your brand. Using Talexes assessment data, you can tailor your training, onboarding and development processes to the unique skills and traits of your employees. With Talassure assessments, you can maximize the potential of your front lines.

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Mid-Level Management Development

Don’t underestimate the importance of your mid-level managers. Their decisions have a significant impact on your frontline (and thus, your customers) and can leave a lasting impression on the face of your brand. Leverage Talexes employee assessment data to optimize your mid-level management.

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Improving Leadership Development

Don’t leave your leaders hanging. By utilizing employee assessment data, you can leverage the skills and qualities that make them successful, and can help them better motivate and drive results. Investing in your leaders trickles down and improves the workforce as a whole. Use Talexes Talassure assessments to make the most of your leaders today.

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Organizational Development

Leverage the skills of your people to improve the quality of your business. By using Talexes assessments, you can gain valuable insight into your people that can help you maximize their potential and bolster the health of your business. Talexes Talassure assessments can help you optimize your workforce, and thus, your company

Team Development

Don’t leave team building to chance. Use Talassure assessments to compile data that you can use to form effective, efficient teams. Talexes assessments help you take the guesswork out of team building.

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Employee Coaching

Know what coaching methods will be most effective. Talexes employee assessments give you data about your employee’s personality and learning styles that you can use to select and implement the most effective employee coaching techniques. Talexes Talassure assessments can give clarity to your coaching process.

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Management Coaching

Coach your way to better managers. With Talexes assessment data, you can personalize your approach to the needs of the individual employee, and can help them learn what they lack and develop what they have. Make the most of your managers with Talexes Talassure assessments.

Leadership Coaching

Take leadership seriously. Leaders motivate your teams and drive performance. With Talexes assessment data, you can tailor your leadership coaching techniques to the individual needs and values of your organization. Tailor the next generation of leaders using Talassure assessments.

Employee Training

Train your employees for long-term success. Talexes Talassure assessments can help you maximize your training methods by customizing your approach to the unique needs and skills of the individual. With Talexes assessment data, you can optimize your training process for impactful, long-lasting results.

Employee Performance Management

Align your employees with the goals of the company. Talassure assessment data can provide you with a wealth of information about your employees’ personality traits, cognitive ability and interest. With Talexes assessment data, you can coordinate your workforce with the company’s vision.

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