Can’t Retain Millennials


Retaining Millennials starts with understanding them.

They’re unprecedented in the workforce.

Millennials bring knowledge, skills, and challenges to the table that leave previous generations baffled. The technological era in which they were raised has provided them with a natural proficiency that previous generations must cultivate. Along with their unique skillset, however, comes a unique attitude towards the workplace. Millennials have an unprecedented concern with maintaining a work-life balance, but are finding it increasingly necessary to live as dual-income families and work longer hours, so maintaining that balance is becoming difficult. And while offering a genuine work-life balance will increase your chances of retaining Millennials, you must also be able to convey value within the employment experience.

They take advancement seriously.

Millennials want feedback, and they want it in real-time. Because opportunities for career growth and advancement are important to them, they want to know how to improve while maintaining open lines of communication with superiors. Not only that, they’ll leave your company if they feel there isn’t adequate opportunity for progression. Make sure you’re investing in the development of your Millennials. Learn what their career goals are, and figure out how to align them with those of the company so that their track to personal success also leads to the success of the organization. Understanding your Millennials is the key to retaining them.

Understand your Millennials on a deeper level.

With a mobile platform and attention to length and formality, Talexes workforce analytics were developed with Millennials in mind. By assessing for several pivotal personality characteristics, managers can understand the behavioral traits that drive their Millennials. Talassure employee assessments provide you a window into the personal qualities that make your Millennials tick so that you can understand where you should focus development. When your Millennials feel that they are getting personal value from their experience with the company, they will be highly likely to stay. Talexes employee assessment data gives you the knowledge you need develop, and thus retain your Millennials.