Employee Retention Strategies


Retain your most valuable asset.

Don’t waste valuable resources.

No matter which way you slice it, employee turnover costs your company time and money. The cost of employee turnover includes, but is not limited to: selection costs, pre-hire process, onboarding expenses, training time, productivity loss during training and vacancy, and selection costs for the new employee. All of these factors hinder your company’s growth, and can present an insurmountable obstacle when left unattended. Use our Turnover Calculator to put your employee turnover costs in perspective.

Consistently retain your employees, from entry-level to C-level.

The key to employee retention is superior job fit. Your employees need to be fully engaged and winning to feel like they are gaining something from your company. In order to be engaged and winning, their core characteristics need to match the requirements of the job. This is what we mean by “job fit”. By determining their personality and abilities, Talexes employee assessments can help you determine an employee’s job fit throughout their entire employee life cycle. Using scientifically-based data to determine the qualities of your employees, you can:

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Motivate employees to produce consistent performance
  • Engage employees in the workplace
  • Develop employees to advance their careers
  • Create cohesive, highly-functioning teams

All of these things will help you prevent employee turnover, and retain the most valuable, most unique aspect of your company – your people.

Employee assessment data can help you keep your employees.

Using statistically verified workforce analytics, Talexes can help you learn what motivates your employees, and what qualities best suit them for their roles. This information can help you tailor your selection, onboarding, and development processes throughout the employee life cycle. They can help you select the right employee for the job the first time, tailor your training and onboarding techniques to make the most of your employee’s qualities, and develop their skills and traits to better serve them throughout their career. By investing in your employees, you will significantly reduce turnover rates, and will gather a team of loyal, motivated, skilled employees.

Retaining Top Talent

Don’t let go of your top performers. With Talexes workforce analytics, you can determine how best to engage and develop those employees who consistently perform at the highest level. Let Talassure assessments show you how to retain your top talent.

Retaining High Potentials

Engage and develop your budding leaders. You don’t want to lose the employees who consistently seek out challenges and exceed performance. With Talexes employee assessment data, you can learn about what motivates your high potentials and develop them into tomorrow’s leaders. Use Talexes Talassure assessments to help your HiPos realize their potential.

Retaining Millennials

Tailor your motivation and engagement techniques to the workforce of today. Millennials are a new breed of employee, and employee assessment data can provide you with the insight you need to make sure they stick around. Talassure assessments can help you build and maintain your Millennial workforce.

Improving Employee Engagement

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your employees. An engaged employee is a productive employee, and Talexes assessments can help you hone your engagement processes to the needs of the individual. With Talassure data, you can assure that your engagement techniques are producing results.

Employee Motivation

Ensure your employees stay driven and engaged. Talassure assessment data can help you determine the interests and personal qualities that motivate your employees to excel. With Talexes, you can create a motivated workforce that consistently produces results.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Don’t let turnover cripple your company. When an employee decides to leave, the impact on your company is immense. Talexes assessment data can keep a preventable turnover from happening. By using Talassure assessments to improve your selection, motivation, engagement, development and team-building techniques, you can mitigate many of the common problems that drive employees away.

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Employee Recognition

Make sure hard work gets rewarded. Assessment data can help you develop an understanding of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. With this information, you can better determine when an employee has stretched from their comfort zone to achieve exemplary results. Leverage Talassure data to better manage your employees which will drive exceptional results.

Employee Satisfaction

Fulfill the needs and desires of your employees. With Talassure assessments, you can take a deep look at the factors that motivate your employees and drive them to succeed. When you know this, you can take the necessary steps to ensure they feel satisfied and content in their work. Use Talexes assessments to ensure your employees are getting the most of their experience with your company.