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Help businesses make smarter investments in talent.

Talexes Alliance Partners Become a Consultant

As business leaders and HR teams devote more resources to identifying and developing talent, they’re looking for experienced talent management professionals to help them make the best decisions. Talexes Alliance Partners are in a perfect position to help.

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Our Alliance Partners enable organizations to improve how they manage their workforce, all via a fresh approach to workforce development that impacts each stage of the employee lifecycle. They’re HR professionals, entrepreneurs, business consultants, and training experts who understand the value of sophisticated workforce assessments.

Talexes Alliance Partners Become a Consultant

Now they’re leveraging past experiences to grow their own businesses – and they’re enjoying incredible professional freedom in the process. Our Alliance Partners benefit from:

  • Unlimited flexibility: As a Talexes Alliance Partner, you can consult with as many (or as few) companies as you choose. You can brand your business however you please. There are no sales quotas. You are your own boss, and your schedule is yours to determine.
  • Little risk, big rewards: With nominal upfront costs, it doesn’t take long to recoup your initial investment and take advantage of the talent management industry’s high profit margins. Talexes does not take royalties – you keep it all.
  • Dependable support: From marketing collateral to on-site training, Talexes takes care of every Alliance Partner. We’ve designed our program to provide all of the resources you need to run a successful business.
  • Professional satisfaction: Businesses will turn to you when they need help managing talent. Your efforts will connect people with jobs they love and catalyze the success of forward-looking organizations. You’ll be helping people build better lives.
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The bottom line: Businesses across all industries are increasing investments in talent management. Competition for the best employees is growing fiercer every day, and companies have a pressing need for people who can help them make smart, well-informed human resources decisions.