Developing Leadership Excellence

Perception is reality.

There is no truer barometer as to the effectiveness of a leader than the perceptions of his or her coworkers. Whether direct reports, peers, or bosses, the people with whom a leader interacts most often will have the clearest picture of the effects of that leader’s behavior on the team.

The Talassure360 is a comprehensive, effective means of leadership development, providing unsurpassed insight into the behavioral traits of your leaders, and the effects of those qualities on the surrounding workforce. Talassure360 utilizes an anonymous platform to accumulate candid responses from coworkers, and then compiles that data to assist in creating developmental plans for leadership going forward.


Utilizing the Talassure360 feedback-based development system, you can ensure that your leadership development process goes beyond writing performance reviews. Talassure360 helps you:

  • Determine where your developmental efforts should lie on an individual basis
  • Understand where current developmental processes fall short
  • Create actionable plans for improvement

Leadership Development Simplified

It’s no secret that the higher the quality of your leadership team, the more productive and profitable your business will be. But leadership development demands a deliberate, targeted approach to self-appraisal, requiring actionable data on which to base developmental decisions. The Talassure360 utilizes anonymous feedback from coworkers to determine a leader’s strengths and weaknesses, and then pinpoints suggested actions and behaviors that would assist in bringing about desired change.

You’ll make smarter, more informed hiring decisions.

Talassure360 Benefits:

The Talassure360 leadership development system goes beyond simple performance evaluation to provide effective leadership development. Talassure360 offers your organization:

  • Improved Leadership Team
  • More Engagement
  • Higher Productivity
  • Boosted Morale
  • Stronger Teamwork
  • Better Communication
  • Increased Accountability

Integrated Clarity

Traditionally, 360 assessment tools have been difficult to implement and unnecessarily complex. At Talexes, we sought to provide a 360° Feedback tool that provides a wealth of information, but does so in a way that is easy to understand and apply. The Talassure360 report is extensive, but does not include jargon or unique terms, and does not require the assistance of an outside interpreter to act upon results. In this way, consulting efforts can be devoted fully to the creation and implementation of developmental plans rather than the initial comprehension of responses.

The Talassure360 Advantage:

Talassure360 employs a contemporary approach to traditional 360 methods. Talassure360 boasts:

  • Mobile Friendly Design – engineered specifically for today’s mobile workforce
  • User-Friendly Reporting – reports are clear and easily understandable
  • Avoids Information Overload – our results focus on the most impactful employee performance statistics

Actionable Insights

Traditional 360 degree assessments provide a written report to convey the results of the survey. This is an effective means of consolidating the information, but does little to facilitate the creation of a development plan. Talassure360 includes a workbook called the Guide to Your Personal Development Plan which walks leadership through each step in creating a development plan, including mental preparation, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, and identifying critical behaviors. In this way, leaders are able to take weightless suggestions from the 360 review and put them into tangible action.

The Talassure360 combines honest feedback from coworkers with actionable suggestions to facilitate the formation of a leadership development plan.

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