Organizational Socialization


Welcome your new hires into their new roles.

Onboarding is more than orientation.

Organizational socialization refers to the process of learning and adjustment that enables an individual to assume his or her role within the organization. When we hire, we have a responsibility to those we bring on to prepare them adequately for lasting success. Employees who have completed an extensive, in-depth onboarding process tend to stay with a company longer, and develop more fruitful relationships with coworkers and managers.

Customize your approach.

Don’t reduce your onboarding process to a brief first-day orientation. Your onboarding process should be fluid, expansive and thorough, and extend beyond the employee’s first day. Most importantly, your onboarding process should take into consideration the unique talents and challenges that each new hire brings to the table. In other words, you should customize your approach to organizational socialization based on the needs of the new hire. To do so, you have to implement a system for appraising individual learning ability, and the best way to go about doing so is to assess each new hire individually.

Knowledge leads to success on every front.

Talassure employee assessment data is the stepping stone you need to optimize your onboarding process and provide each individual new hire with their personal means for success. Analyzing a new hire’s personality and ability to reason will help you determine the best combination of education and training to ensure a lasting bond with the organization as a whole. With the data provided by our employee assessments, you can cultivate an atmosphere of support throughout the onboarding process, leading your new hires into their new roles with all requisite skills, knowledge and cultural investment that they will need to make a lasting impact. Create a lasting relationship by giving your new hires the foundation they need to build their career. When a new hire feels personally connected to their organization, they will invest their effort to ensure its ongoing success. Create a more connected workforce with Talexes assessment data.