Losing Top Talent


Make sure you’re contributing to their future career success.

Losing top performers influences your bottom line.

Employee turnover always hurts, but no time more so than when you lose some of your top performers or high potentials. Top performers drive the results you need, and high potentials are the top performers of the future. Without them, you will see a marked drop in morale, productivity and profitability. The dispersal of their duties to other employees in the time it takes you to find a replacement will negatively affect their productivity as well, further depleting your profits. It’s time to ensure your top performers stay and continue to contribute to the success of the company.

Why do top performers leave?

Your top performers leave because of one thing – development. They feel their expectations are not being met, their efforts are going unrecognized, and they do not have the potential to advance. Your high potentials and top performers want feedback, to be guided and groomed. They do not want to be left alone, and desire the potential to develop their career. This can be done by identifying your high potentials and top performers early in the game, and recognizing their efforts while providing them ample opportunities for them to grow with your company.

Identify potential, and develop talent.

Talexes employee assessment data gives you the insight you need to determine where the potential lies within your organization, and develop their skills as they advance within your company. By assessing for job fit, you can determine who has the most potential to be successful. Then, periodic evaluations can help you determine where your developmental efforts should lie, and initiate feedback communication between your managers and your top talent. Talassure assessment data gives you the clarity you need to identify top talent and invest in their development to ensure that their stay with your company is long and fruitful.