Business Succession Planning

Develop your next generation of leaders.

Smart succession planning helps you strategize for the future.

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Plan for long-term success.

To retain and develop top performers, you need to create opportunities for them to grow within your organization. You need a succession plan that prepares them for their future responsibilities.

The long-term success of your company depends on empowering your most loyal, experienced employees, but how do you know whether you’re placing them in the right positions?

succession planning solutions talexis

Use assessment data to bolster succession planning.

Succession might feel like a guessing game, but it doesn’t have to. With data from Talassure workforce assessments, you can:

  • Discover which employees to promote: By pinpointing the relevant behavioral traits of your best leaders, you can identify people whose achievements and experience indicate leadership potential.
  • Minimize hiring from the outside: Leverage existing employees’ experience to side-step the cost and risk of courting external hires.
  • Optimize development opportunities: Who are you grooming for a promotion? When you identify the best fit, you can tailor their development to match future work responsibilities.
  • Plan employee career tracks: Assessment insights can show you which people are the best fit for specific positions. As a result, you can plan their career paths to match their prospective roles.

Understand strengths and weaknesses.

Using assessments for succession planning isn’t just a way to set people on a well-developed career track. It can also show you the strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s leadership.

Talassure Assessments integrate feedback from leaders, peers, reports, and employee participants to show you where your succession planning comes up short. If you’re not putting the right people in the right positions, the data will help you understand why.

Leadership Pipeline

Promote from within. Most companies don’t have procedures in place for internal advancement, and have to rely on outside talent. Talexes Talassure employee assessment data can help you identify leadership potential and develop the skills that leaders in your organization need. With Talexes, you can pipeline your talent to the top.

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Improving Bench Strength

Select and develop your workforce of tomorrow. With employee assessment data, you can gain insight into the potential of your current workforce. To be prepared for the loss of a critical person, your company should have a plan for their successor to avoid business interruption. By identifying high potentials employees, you can engage them in leadership development processes that can cultivate their ability to adapt to the needs of the company. Use Talassure employee assessment data to assist you in developing the next generation.

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Make succession planning work. It’s time to set your best employees on a promising path to leadership.

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