Bad Interview Process


Don’t let ineffective interviews hamper your selection process.

Cut to the quick.

What are we really trying to accomplish during an interview? Contrary to current practices, we’re not trying to amass as many facts as possible about a candidate so that we can stitch them into an image of who that person is. During the interview process, we’re trying to understand the fundamental reasons the candidate will be successful, and what will make it difficult for them to perform. We can’t do this by asking about work history, or the availability of transportation, or references. To accomplish this, we have to understand each candidate’s personality, as well as understanding the qualities of the ideal applicant. When you know both of these things for certain, you can easily compare. However, the limited time during an interview does not allow for such in-depth assessment. So what is a hiring manager to do?

The information is out there, go get it.

Just because an interview won’t acquire all of the necessary information about a candidate does not mean that you should negate that information. It is absolutely imperative to the integrity of your hiring process, and employee assessment data is the key to unlock this otherwise unobtainable information. Getting it is both critical to the hiring decision, and impossible to acquire during the interview, so an alternate screening method including assessments must be enforced to ensure your hiring process consistently produces quality employees.

Asking the Right Interview Questions

Talexes not only helps you understand your applicants’ personalities on a deeper level, our employee assessments help you take that information and apply it to the determination of their fit for the position. By assessing for a specific set of characteristics, then comparing those characteristics to data-driven benchmarks for success, you can reveal whether an applicant “has what it takes” before they ever come on board. When you have this information before the interview, you can spend the limited face-to-face time you have with a candidate on potential areas of concern. When you combine the information gained by an assessment with a well-thought, effective interview, you can rest assured knowing that each hiring decision you make is the right one.

For pointers and a detailed look at the interview, see our white paper on the subject.