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There is a limitless amount of skills that contribute to leadership success. If you google the term ‘leadership skills’ a million results will pop up, each article listing different skills as most important. But the truth is, there’s no right or wrong answer on which skills are most important—it’s up to the individual, as well as the type of role they hold, to determine which leadership skills are most important in their workday.

Rather than try to convince you that certain skills are more important than others, we’ll just share with you a list of the more obvious ones to be aware of. From this list, you can choose which ones are best suited to work for your specific role in your organization.

Leadership Skills A-E                             Leadership Skills F-Z                                  
Analytical Flexible
Business intelligence Honest
Coaching Influential
Commitment Integrity
Confidence Open-minded
Collaboration Passion
Communication Persuasive
Compassion Resourceful
Creative thinking Self-motivated
Decision making Supportive
Delegation Team-oriented
Emotional intelligence


This list isn’t completely inclusive, of course. Any other skills you may be aware of are just as important to improve. If you want to work on improving these skills—or any other ones—even if you aren’t in a leadership role just yet, try these 3 things: take initiative, request more responsibility, and target specific skills relevant to your role/ desired role.