Employee Motivation


The domino effect from job fit to workplace productivity.

Defining employee motivation.

Motivation can be concisely defined as the level of energy, commitment to excel, and personal responsibility for the success of the company any given employee brings to a position. Our experience in talent management has developed an acute understanding of the elusive term ‘motivation’ and its effects on workplace productivity to better help you:

  • Identify current employee motivation techniques
  • Pinpoint the most effective tactics for your current employees
  • Differentiate between appropriate techniques among departments
  • Understand the impact of employee motivation on your current workforce
  • Recognize positive responses from various methods

The domino effect.

Job fit → Job satisfaction → Motivation → Productivity

Research shows that workplace productivity is directly linked to employee motivation. At its essence, motivation derives from the sense of satisfaction an employee feels toward their job. When an employee can perform the tasks and requirements of the job without obstruction, they are likely to be satisfied. But beyond satisfaction, when an employee enjoys the position, they excel. This can only be achieved by matching the characteristics of an individual to the requirements of the job. This is what we mean when we say “job fit”.

With job fit comes job satisfaction, with job satisfaction comes motivation, and with motivation comes productivity. This is the cascading effect we have discovered between Job Fit and Workplace Productivity, and it is within your reach to take advantage of our insights.

What else can I do?

Employee motivation is a complicated and difficult to manage aspect of employee relations that is vital to the success of your company. Our unique suite of talent management solutions can help you gain the edge you need to maintain employee motivation among current and future employees.

Contact us today to discover how our talent management solutions can help improve employee motivation and workplace productivity!

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