New Hire Training Programs


Equip your people with the skills to succeed

Be the support they need.

Without proper instruction as to the operational nuances of your organization, new hires can be stuck feeling out-of-place and overwhelmed. They are looking to you for guidance, so you must give them what they need to be able to settle into their new role. Make sure they are familiar with any programs or processes that will affect their daily role, and ensure that they have been introduced to the company culture.

Employees aren’t the only ones who need to learn.

Knowing about a candidate’s qualities before hiring can help you understand where your employee training efforts should lie. When you know how a candidate will react to a certain situation, you can do what must be done to hone those reactions into productive behavior on the job through training. For example, if your candidate has the tendency to avoid contact with others, make sure they know how to use the internal email and file sharing system. If they tend to be competitive, make sure they are versed in the company’s policies on recognition and teamwork. But as you may be thinking, you must first know about an employee’s personality to be able to adjust their training regimen. We can tell you how.

Success starts with knowledge.

Talexes recognizes the need to understand your employees more fully. That’s why we’ve created pre-employment assessments that give you all of the information about a candidate’s personality required to fulfill his or her needs. Having a clear understanding of their traits will give you a transparent, decisive picture of the candidate’s qualities and the training that will be required to bring them up to speed within the organization. With Talassure assessment data, you can customize your new hire training approach to the individual needs of the employee. When every individual has the optimal employee training experience, you create a qualified workforce with a company-wide understanding of operational policies and procedures, and when everyone is on the same page, interpersonal conflict is minimized, while productivity is maximized. Talexes workforce analytics can give you the edge you need to ensure your new hire training program results in the most prepared, qualified employees every single time.