Bad Hiring Decisions


When your workforce is mediocre, your profits will be too.

Hiring > Buying

We can all agree that our people are our most valuable resource. They drive every process of the business, and we couldn’t function without them. So then why do most companies spend more time, money and effort picking a piece of capital equipment than they do on their next hire? Clearly the paradigm must shift in order to fully realize the potential of our hiring process.

Bad hiring decisions damage your business.

Whether because of the loss of morale, productivity, time, or effort, poor hires put a dent in the forward progress of any company. Their attitude or lack of commitment will affect those in direct contact with him or her, and their poor performance will result in poor productivity that will hinder your profits. When multiple bad apples exist within the bunch, you will have a difficult time mitigating the negative effects of their presence on your top performers, resulting in loss of productivity from everyone, not just your poor hires.

Hiring is the first step to success.

An exceptional workforce will produce exceptional results, in the way that a mediocre workforce will produce mediocre results. Filling your ranks with only the best will create an environment in which everyone has the ability and the drive to produce. When every member of your organization is engaged, motivated and fulfilled, poor productivity will be a thing of the past. But how can you create a workforce like this without spending an inappropriate amount of time on the selection process?

You have to know to act.

Talexes employee assessment data can give you the clarity you need before you ever make a hiring decision. By comparing your candidate’s qualities against known parameters for success, you can determine before ever bringing them on whether they will be a poor or top performer. When you know this pre-hire, you eliminate the need for trial and error and can prevent a bad hire from depleting your current workforce’s morale and productivity. Preventing a poor hiring decision from ever happening prevents a bad hire from affecting your current workforce. Let Talassure employee assessments give you the clarity you need to ensure you hire the right person for the job every time.