Sales Performance Management

Build a high performing sales team.

Do your salespeople make the most of every opportunity?

talexis sales force performance solutions

Sales is the lifeblood of your organization.

When salespeople don’t perform at the highest level, businesses struggle. Goals go unmet, profits sink, and growth stagnates. Not only do you lose ground to your competitors, but sluggish sales can negatively impact morale across your entire organization.

That’s why you need to optimize your salesforce by selecting and developing the right people.


Help your sales team succeed.

Talassure Assessments reveal weaknesses in sales performance and help you develop a successful team by:

  • Identifying characteristics required for success: By assessing your highest and lowest performers, you can discover the behavioral traits that work best for your sales team.
  • Creating development opportunities: By identifying sales performance weaknesses, you can build development programs that address specific challenges.
  • Discovering what motivates successful team members: Let’s face it. Some salespeople close more deals than others. Assessment data can show you what drives high performers, so you can better motivate and develop team members who struggle.

Hire the best salespeople.

Using Talassure Assessments on new sales candidates allows you to:

  • Select the most promising talent: Data can pinpoint behavioral traits that indicate a high likelihood of sales success. After assessing new candidates, you can choose the ones who are most likely to excel.
  • Improve sales training: When you understand a new hire’s learning style and speed, you can tailor your training programs to help them realize success.

Start using data to improve sales performance.

With smarter hiring, more effective training, and well-informed development programs, you can build a sales team that meets ambitious goals and generates more revenue. Talassure Assessments can help you get there.