Pre-employment assessment for entry-level candidates

TalassureQ Talexes Employee Assessment Tools For Success

Measure “Can Do,” “Will Do,” and Honesty.

The entry-level candidates you hire today could become your organization’s future. That’s why it’s important to identify the best talent right from the start – high achieving employees who perform their duties with integrity. Integrate our entry-level assessment into your existing hiring process, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you understand your candidates. Now you can base hiring decisions on data, not just assumptions.



TalassureQ is an entry-level employee assessment that:

  • Shows whether a candidate’s core personality indicates a “will do” attitude toward the job
  • Reveals if candidates “can do” the job by measuring whether their cognitive ability will be sufficient enough to handle job complexities
  • Indicates the level of conscientiousness a candidate brings to the job
  • Uncovers important information about a candidate’s employment history

Get definitive answers quickly.

TalassureQ offers 3 assessments in 1, and it’s quick to administer.

Using criteria determined by you, TalassureQ tells you whether a candidate can or cannot do a particular job immediately upon completion of the assessment. As a result, you can make quick, accurate hiring decisions. TalassureQ also provides interview questions that can help you further vet a particular candidate, as needed.


TalassureQ Advantage

With TalassureQ, you can easily identify entry-level hires who:

  • Are engaged: By measuring a candidate’s ability to do the job and their willingness to perform, you’ll not only have great talent in your organization but you’ll also reduce turnover.
  • Are motivated to perform: By screening out disengaged, unprepared candidates, you can start identifying and hiring the ones who will reach higher levels of performance.
  • Embody your organizational mission: Do your entry-level employees take your values and mission statement seriously? By assessing new hires for specific traits, you can start hiring the ones who do.

TalassureQ can improve your entry-level hiring and start maximizing the potential of your new hires faster.

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