Poor Middle Manager Development


Make sure they’re prepared for the responsibility

Middle Management

Middle manager: they can make or break you.

Middle managers have the ability to make or break your organization, so to hand them the reins requires great faith in their qualifications. Don’t simply hire them, create them. Developing your middle managers rather than simply appointing them will directly impact your bottom line. When your workforce is inspired and motivated to perform, they will be more productive, driving results.  Make sure your middle managers have what they need to be able to manage your workforce.

Go beyond skillset.

You can teach a skill to anyone, but you can’t teach everyone to enjoy a job. For example, you can teach someone how to run a virus scan on a computer, but you can’t teach them how to enjoy working with technology. In this way, it is important not only to ensure that your middle managers are capable, but are compatible. Evaluate your middle managers to determine where your developmental efforts should lie and identify any potential areas of conflict so that you can address them to create the most capable and competent middle manager.

Assess-to Ensure Success

Assess to ensure success.

Talexes assessment data can give you the insight you need to make sure your middle managers will be able to facilitate change and drive the results required to continue your company’s success. By evaluating a manager’s characteristics, then comparing those qualities to known parameters for success, you can make certain that the people you are trusting to pilot your workforce are not only experienced enough to do so, but have the personal characteristics to motivate and manage them. Then, you can create a developmental plan that addresses points of conflict. Eventually, you will develop a force of middle managers capable of handling any situation that comes their way. Let Talassure workforce analytics give you the clarity you need to ensure that your middle managers are steering your company in the right direction.