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Help your teams maximize performance.

The best teams consistently meet or exceed goals.

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Don’t leave team building to chance.

High performing teams don’t come together by sheer luck – they’re deliberately assembled by managers who understand the motivations and working styles of individual employees.

If you leave team building to chance, you could be selling your organization and your employees short.


Build teams based on data, not assumptions.

Talexes Talassure Assessments can help you assemble teams that deliver the performance your organization needs. By uncovering valuable information about what motivates your employees, you can pursue a smarter approach to team building.

And you’ll be doing it based on objective data, not just intuition.

Here’s how Talassure helps you build more effective teams:

  • Behavioral assessment: Find out whether employees’ personalities and approaches to work are likely to conflict. By identifying compatible behaviors, you can restructure teams to produce better results.
  • Targeted training: By extracting insights on team strengths and weaknesses, you can better tailor training to meet the needs of employees and teams.
  • Process improvement: Whether existing teams perform well or not, there’s almost always room for process improvement. Talassure data can help you identify and address process deficiencies across all of your teams.
  • Conflict resolution: Uncover latent conflicts that inhibit the success of your teams. By acknowledging conflict and getting to the root of the problem, you can reassemble or develop your teams as needed.

Better teams equal better results.

If you’re concerned about overall performance, now is the time to define a solution. With the results of Talassure Assessments, you can start building teams that get results and help your organization grow.


Start building effective teams today. Contact Talexes to learn how our workforce assessments can boost team performance at your organization!

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