High Employee Turnover Rate


Don’t waste resources on a candidate who is likely to leave.

Bad hires cause employee turnover.

A bad hire is not simply an employee that causes conflict or is not punctual, as these are only symptoms of their true problem. Fundamentally, a bad hire doesn’t share the traits that are required for success in the position. This is what we mean when we say “poor job fit.” The longer you require an employee to compensate for the mismatch, the unhappier they will become.Eventually, the pressure of having to stretch endlessly to meet the needs of the job will become overbearing, and the employee will leave.

Nipping it in the bud.

We at Talexes have discovered that the relationship between an employee’s qualities and the necessary traits for success in a position (job fit) remains the most telling factor in an employee’s propensity for employee turnover. Understanding whether a candidate is compatible with a position before you hire them will prevent you from making a poor hiring decision that will inevitably result in employee turnover.Hiring an employee whose qualities are correlated to success in the position will result in a happy, fulfilled workforce with a low turnover rate.

Stop employee turnover at the hiring decision.

Talexes workforce analytics provide you with insight as to the unique traits your employees express. When you have this information, you can compare it to proven benchmarks for success within the chosen position. If a candidate’s qualities are markedly distinct from those benchmarks, it will be more difficult for them to find motivation and satisfaction in their work. If a candidate matches the specific traits, however, they will find it much easier to perform their role, and will find more fulfillment in their daily operations. Let Talassure employee assessment data help you select the right candidate the first time, and watch your employee turnover statistics shrink.

Losing Top Talent

Don’t lose all of your potential. Top talent drives your company, so don’t let them go! Talexes employee assessment data helps you understand what makes your top talent tick. When you understand your talent, you can help guide and develop them, and eventually prepare them to take on more responsibility. Let Talassure workforce analytics show you how to keep your top performers.

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Trouble Retaining Good Employees

Hiring and developing go hand in hand. Not only do you have to ensure that your hiring process selects only the most qualified candidates for a position, you must take care to fulfill your requirements as an employer, lest you lose those motivated to continue developing. Let Talexes show you how you can not only select and hire the best employees, but make sure they remain with your company.

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Can’t Retain Millennials

Millennials are a new breed. Their needs and expectations from an employer are vastly distinct from that of previous generations. Talexes was formed with Millennials in mind, and understands what makes them so unique. Use Talassure assessments to contextualize the Millennial mentality, and be on your way to a Millennial-powered workforce.

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Low Employee Engagement

Employee engagement leads to productivity. So when your employees aren’t engaged, they aren’t producing. Talexes can help you understand what it takes to engage within a position, and select the most appropriate candidates for the role. Let Talassure employee assessment data show you how to fill your workforce with employees who match the position, and thus, are engaged and productive.

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Lack of Employee Motivation

Motivated employees are engaged employees. Learning what motivates your workforce can help you engage them in their jobs, which will lead to higher productivity and higher profits. Talexes workforce analytics can give you the insight you need to unravel the motivation mystery and drive your employees. Use Talassure assessments to inspire your employees to succeed.

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