Trouble Retaining Good Employees


Make sure they stick around.

Why don’t your best people stay?

They’re the ones who drive results, the ones you’d like a hundred of. Your best employees are the ones you can depend on. So when you have trouble retaining good employees, your productivity – and thus profitability – suffers. Retaining your top performers is vital to the success of your organization, and must be treated as a priority when discussing your workforce. But what is it that causes good employees to turn over, and how can it be prevented?

They need more than money.

Studies show that top performers have a multitude of reasons for leaving a company, the least of which is compensation. Often, top performers leave because they are not receiving the feedback they desire, they do not feel their efforts are being recognized, or they do not have adequate opportunity for growth and development. Usually, a combination of factors results in high-potential turnover. Making sure your top talent is receiving the support and development they desire is a critical component to retaining good employees and can mean the difference between a mediocre workforce and an exceptional one.

Use employee assessments to pave a path of progression.

Knowing who you should develop is only half the battle. You have to be able to provide an actionable framework for improvement going forward. Talexes employee assessment data helps you understand the driving forces behind each individual employee’s behavior while identifying strengths and providing you with employee coaching and management suggestions in areas with room for improvement. Talassure assessments give you the knowledge you need to improve retention across the board, and provide your top talent with the value they seek from your company.