Talent Connection Blog

Hiring is becoming more competitive as qualified individuals enter the workforce faster than companies can prepare to treat them right. Most companies that can afford it jump straight to monetary offers. However, despite what most people think, pay isn’t necessarily the top determining factor for talented job seekers. There could be a number of reasons why your organization is missing out on top talent. Keep reading and see if any of these factors apply to your organization.

  1. Your Interview Style
    Websites such as Glassdoor have arisen in attempts to keep interviewers in check, amongst other aspects of organizations. Any interviewer that wants to be taken seriously knows to conduct themselves in a manner that would get them 5 stars on one of these rating websites. The problem is, most don’t seem to know or care that sites like this exist. Many interviewers have attempted to throw in outlandish questions that are meant to spark creative responses in candidates, but instead give them a sense that the interview is illogical and ill-prepared.

  2. Your Online Reviews
    Like we said before, rating websites are out there. If your organization is unaware of their presence on these sites, or their ratings on these sites, that needs to change. Just like an interviewer googles a candidate before they come in, a candidate can easily google your company. If all that pops up is negative reviews and complaints, any candidate worth your time is going to think you aren’t worth theirs.
  3. Your Benefits
    Your company isn’t the only one out there that provides the services you do. If your competitive counterpart is offering better benefits, you can rightfully assume that’s where the talent is going. The employer-employee relationship should be mutually beneficial. Just as they offer their skills for you, you should offer your benefits to them.
  4. Your Inflexibility
    Technology advancements has made the 9-to-5 necessity a thing of the past. The same work will get done the same way, whether it’s at a company computer in the office or a personal computer at home. In fact, some people thrive better outside the dull office setting, especially younger people. If candidates notice you aren’t willing to work with your employees so they can work in locations and time frames that work best for them, they are going to find someone more flexible who will.
  5. Your Turnover
    Word-of-mouth travels quickly. If you’re hiring and firing faster than you should be, people are going to notice. Would you go through the time and effort of applying for a job that you have heard other people only hold down for a month or two?
  6. Your Pay
    Just because it’s not the most important factor, doesn’t mean it isn’t important at all. Your offered salary should be in line with other similar organizations in the area. Be aware of how often wages change over time and be sure yours are keeping up with those changes. Remember, those candidates spent a lot of money to get qualified for that position. Show them that you value their qualifications by offering a reasonable salary. 

The right talent is out there. The question is, is your organization desirable enough to attract that talent?