Retaining High Potentials Employees

Inspire and retain your high potentials.

Now you can effectively identify and engage your most valuable talent.

talexis High Potentials solutions

Who consistently exceeds expectations?

Good employees meet goals, do their work, and collaborate well with professional peers. But then there are employees who don’t just “do well.” They seek out challenges, empower others, and consistently exceed expectations.

These are your budding leaders – the talent you want to retain and develop.


Keeping your HiPos engaged

For high potentials, or HiPos, consistent engagement is critical to assuring a long-term commitment to your organization. They’ve already demonstrated their ability to succeed and their aspiration to take on additional responsibilities. So how will you keep them onboard?

Talassure employee assessments deliver insights that can help you make the most of your high potentials. By implementing our solutions among your workforce, you can:

  • Find out what motivates HiPos: When you know what kinds of activities or incentives resonate with your HiPos, you can engage them more consistently and effectively.
  • Create an environment that fosters new HiPos: Sometimes, high potentials aren’t born – they’re made. Discover what kinds of experiences create high potentials and make changes that impact your workforce in a positive way.
  • Train managers to engage HiPos: Managers are in a fantastic position to inspire and engage your high potentials. With valuable behavioral data on your HiPos, you can show managers how to identify and educate these aspiring leaders.

The cost of losing high potentials

Conducting interviews, training new hires and waiting for someone to reach peak performance are just some of the short-term costs of losing high potential employees. HiPos not only seek out challenges and solve problems, but also empower others to succeed as well.

Losing high potential employees can be costly – ensuring your organization avoids this expense should be of top priority.

Calculate the Cost of Employee Turnover

Start nurturing your high potentials.

The way you motivate and reward your HiPos can have a profound impact on the direction of your organization. Now is the time to take full advantage of your most dedicated employees and enable them to attain their full potential.