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It’s common knowledge that coaching a new leader is vital to their success in the role. But what we often forget is that even the veteran leaders could use some coaching, too. Whether a change of the times calls for a change in leadership styles, or even if it’s just to tone up your current style, we can’t forget that experienced leaders benefit from some executive coaching, too.

Making the assumption that an experienced leader needs no coaching is the equivalent of not having a constant goal for improvement. Wanting or needing executive coaching should not be viewed as “needs improvement,” but rather as “constantly striving for perfection.”

Just like a novice executive, a seasoned one can reap the benefits of executive coaching. Here are some of the reasons why your organization should continue executive coaching practices after the leaders are experienced.

  1. Self-awareness is key when it comes to managing others. Consistent coaching will hone your self-awareness habits, which is nothing less than beneficial.
  2. Self-regulation is the ability to regulate and control one’s emotions in the workplace. This is accomplished with a high sense of self-awareness, as mentioned above.
  3. Empathy is a valuable tool for enhancing relationships with clients and businesses as well as employees. Further executive coaching can help you balance the appropriate level of empathy to show towards specific situations.
  4. Increased cognition stems from empathy. Empathy allows you to put yourself in others’ shoes; once you’ve done that, you can see issues and solutions from different viewpoints, which enhances your cognitive processes.
  5. Motivation is a necessary factor in the continuance of effective leadership. Routine executive coaching reignites the excitement to lead a team and do it well.

Just because you secured the job, doesn’t mean the training stops there. Whether you’ve had years of experience climbing the rankings of your organization or this is your first management role, remember executive coaching is beneficial to all stages of the leadership lifecycle.