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Organizational development is the process of improving performance from the individual level to the organizational level. When implemented correctly, organizational development can ensure the ability of workplace functions to aid your team to perform at their full potential.

Because development is synonymous with improvement, it is best to view the organizational development process as an improvement method. Improvement can be achieved with 3 A’s: awareness, acceptance, and action. When plugged into the organizational development process, those 3 A’s can be further defined as:

  • Awareness – A performance evaluation of sorts should be implemented so issues and shortcomings can be brought to light and addressed.
  • Acceptance – Once you are aware of the issues, it is time to accept the need for change. This is where your team and you can brainstorm ideas for workplace improvements.
  • Action – After coming up with a handful of developmental solutions, the next step is implementing those solutions to affect positive change.

Be aware that the positive change you seek may not come on the first try. Organizational development may require a test-action-retest approach before achieving the desired results. This approach calls for implementing a possible solution, evaluating the effects of that solution, and, if the effects aren’t satisfactory, trying a new approach. Every new approach should be followed by an evaluation period to ensure positive effects are coming out of your organizational development efforts.

Organizational development isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is a process. Patience is key, as well as the willingness to continue trying new methods.

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