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Managing a variety of generations within the same workplace can be tough without the right tools and tips. A great way to continually develop your organization is to ensure that there is harmony and agreement among all the generations. Bridge the generation gap in your organization with these steps, courtesy of inc.com.

  1. Find someone to be the “voice” that communicates millennials’ desires to the former generations, and vice versa. This person should be trusted with the ability to accurately convey the employees’ wishes and concerns. The chosen individual has the responsibility to routinely check up on the communication lines between generations.
  2. Set relatable goals. Employees from all generations should agree upon and be excited for the goals of your organization. These shared goals will give them a common ground on which communication will thrive and employees will have a means to connect.
  3. Continue nurturing employee relationships. Along with your designated “voice” between generations, the employees themselves should be encouraged to develop their relationships themselves—propose projects that require effort and communication from all parties; this is a productive way to improve organizational development.

One aspect of any organization that should be constantly developed is communication among different generations in the workplace. Bridging the generation gap in your organization is a key factor for organizational development. Opening communication lines among generations in your workplace provides a basis for successful development in your organization.