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Up to 20 percent of employee turnover takes place within the first 45 days on the job. And 25 percent of employees are gone within one year. Meanwhile, organizations that implement a new hire orientation process experience 54 percent greater new hire success. So it seems that new hire orientation processes correlate with employee turnover reduction and better hiring success. Is your organization properly implementing a new hire orientation process? Here are some guidelines to make your own personal checklist for your new hire orientation.

General information about your organization that your new hires should know:

  • Company culture and background
  • Mission statement
  • Values and policies

Before their first day:

  • When and where to go upon arrival
  • Inform other staff members of the new hire’s arrival
  • Any work station materials and computer setup should be prepared before their arrival

After they have begun working:

  • Set job and company expectations
  • Review job description and rules in detail
  • Begin a training and developing program

With the proper new hire orientation process, your chances of having a more successful hiring process skyrocket. Be sure to mark everything off your checklist to maximize your onboarding process.

Another key component of new hires is the entry-level assessment—the TalassureQ, provided by Talexes. Contact us today to learn more.