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Workforce development is a function of human resources responsible for helping job seekers acquire skills that employers are looking for. A survey conducted by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry found that one third of PA companies were having a “very or extremely difficult” time hiring employees with the right skills. And more than half of the respondents expect this difficulty to get worse over the next five years.

So what seems to be the problem when it comes to workforce development? Simply put, it can be explained like this: even when the skill training and education is on the right path, it doesn’t consider how the definition of work, the description of a job, and the reshaping of the workplace has changed.

In order to improve workforce development, it’s time to consider the four forces that are reshaping workplaces.

  1. “Disruptive” technology – Although the name implies a negative connotation, it isn’t necessarily bad. But it definitely shouldn’t be ignored either. Technology changes are happening rapidly and often, and must be taken into consideration when developing your workforce.
  2. Work – The definition has transitioned from “brawn” to “brain,” meaning different generations view work in different ways.
  3. Job location – With the help of technology, it is not as necessary to “go to work” anymore. Many responsibilities can be taken care of remotely and efficiently, instead of the traditional nine-to-five, Monday through Friday schedule.
  4. Four generations – This is the first time in history that four generations are all working side by side. This means a variety of different learning and working styles to be aware of.


It’s time for employers to rethink their workforce development plan with these four aspects in mind. The modern workforce is dynamic and ever-changing; make sure your organization is too.