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What efforts lead to success in an organization? While there are many, some can be pinpointed; “specific hiring practices and tools are linked to an organization’s success,” says Scott Burton, vice president of staffing and assessment consulting for human resource consulting firm Development Dimensions International (DDI). DDI found in a recent study that organizations with more effective hiring systems ranked higher in financial performance, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and retention.

But what all does the broad phrase “effective hiring systems” include? DDI managed to pinpoint 4 specific hiring practices that had measurable effects on success. They are:

  1. Job interviews in which candidates are asked to describe specific examples of their skills
  2. Automated resume screening and search
  3. Assessments that predict whether candidates are motivated by the factors associated with a particular job or a company’s values and ways of doing things
  4. Simulations that gauge specific job-related abilities and skills

Job interviews in which candidates are asked to describe specific examples of their skills:

The DDI survey found that 94 percent of organizations use this type of interview; a variety of studies have shown this form is the one that most accurately predicts future performance. It is so effective that 40 percent of the participating organizations in the survey are planning to use it even more in the future.

Automated resume screening and search:

Computer-assisted interviewing is going to become more prevalent as technology reigns. Nearly half of the organizations involved in the survey will increase their use of automated resume screening and searches within the next three years.

Assessments and simulations:

Although assessments and simulations have proven to be effective, the survey revealed that a majority of organizations do not use any form of assessment. While less than 30 percent reported use of testing and assessment methods, organizations will make much greater use of these methods in the next three years.

While this umbrella term “effective hiring systems” provides a useful set of guidelines, don’t forget that an organization must use the right kinds of tools that are relevant to each job. Scott Burton reminds us, “An ability test for a worker in a manufacturing plant is a far cry from the complex assessment tools needed to evaluate top executives.”

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