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Recent Gallup research found that there are connections between engagement and nine performance metrics:

  1. Customer ratings
  2. Profitability
  3. Productivity
  4. Turnover
  5. Safety incidents
  6. Shrinkage
  7. Absenteeism
  8. Patient safety incidences
  9. Quality

There are several ways to keep these performance traits in check by encouraging team engagement. Some of these ways include:

Maintaining focus solely on your team

Being accessible to all team members

Allowing the team to lead  

Making sure the team knows how their teamwork is contributing to the bigger picture

Team engagement is just as important as individual engagement. A majority of individual engagement techniques can translate effectively to team engagement, but there are some methods that are tailored specifically for teams that can’t be ignored. Making the extra effort is worth it, because an engaged team is an effective team.